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Sacramental Prep

Sacramental Prep

Those baptized and in the second grade, 7 years of age, are able to prepare to receive their First Reconciliation and First Communion during the 2018-2019 school year. Preparation will be in conjunction with the Family Formation religious education program. We will have two classes a month, the first lining up with the classroom meeting of Family Formation, and the second lining up with the community meeting of Family Formation. There will be 1 - 2 lessons to be completed at home with the help of the parents in between our classes. See our full schedule for the year HERE.

Registration for 1st Reconciliation/1st Communion Preparation can be completed using the Family Formation registration form HERE.

The Parent Meeting for Sacramental Prep will take place Sunday, September 23rd at 10:15 am. Please join us for this informational session!

Please contact Grace McDonough at [email protected] with any questions.