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Confirmation 2020

At St.Ben’s 11th & 12th Grade Students are eligible to be confirmed. Our Confirmation program includes 3 year enrollment in the high school faith formation program, the Deep, plus an additional 1 month-long “capstone” program at the end of their 3rd year in the Deep. Once a teen has completed their three years of the Deep and feel like they have explored and learned the faith, they are eligible to take this next step in the faith and pursue the sacrament of Confirmation. If they are interested in being confirmed then they would take part in the capstone program in the weeks before Confirmation.

Confirmation is on Sunday, May 31st at 2 pm at the Cathedral!

This is one of the most misunderstood sacraments and in our program we really strive to provide teens with the faith formation and experiences that can allow them to make an earnest decision on whether they’d like to seek full initiation into the Catholic Faith and receive Confirmation. For that reason we do have an application process and a few requirements.


Requirements for Confirmation:
  • 3 Year Participation in the Deep Program: The Deep program is designed to teach high school students the faith. It is a lot to cover in only 3 years. It is important that teens interested in being Confirmed have participated in the Deep program, either at St. Ben’s or another parish for all 3 years with consistent attendance.

  • Regular Mass Attendance: As Catholics we believe the Mass is the most powerful prayer and essential to the faith. Why would a person get Confirmed if they are not interested in living the faith, even the minimal “requirement” of attending Mass every week?

  • Attend 1 Confirmation Retreat : The Diocese of Duluth requires that each Confirmation Candidate attend 1 of the Confirmation Retreats sponsored by the Diocese. Each year there are 2 weekend options for Confirmation retreats. It is highly recommended that students attend the same retreat as the other members of their small group. Candidates must attend the whole retreat.
                  2019/2020 Retreat Dates COMING SOON

  •  Service Hours: 15 hours of Service for the Parish and 15 hours serving the wider community are required for Confirmation. Part of being Confirmed is committing to an active Christian lifestyle, including being active in serving your parish community and those in need in the wider community.

  • Confirmation Application: This will be made available in the spring.

  • Interview with Father: All teens will be asked to meet with Fr. Joel twice to ask questions but also to explain their desire to be Confirmed and show that they are ready and truly interested in pursuing this next step in the faith. These meetings will be in October and April of the 11th grade year.