Welcome to St. Benedict's Parish. If you're new to the area, been away for a while, or remained a faithful member, the people of St. Benedict's invite you to walk with us.

Discovering Christ


What is Discovering Christ? 

Discovering Christ is a seven-week experience that invites every person,
baptized or unbaptized, to encounter the love of God the Father, enter into
or renew a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,
and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live as God’s children.

Discovering Christ creates an open door for anyone who is searching
for the meaning of their lives and provides an opportunity to share the
Good News and the personal love of Jesus Christ. You do not have to be Catholic or have any knowledge of the Catholic Church to join us. 

Length: Seven weekly sessions, with a 1-day weekend retreat after week 5

Stay tuned for more information on our next session! 



What does a typical session look like?

1. Meal

 A free meal to foster relationships and grow in friendship with one another.



2. Prayer

 The prayer time consists of singing a few songs that help the group feel comfortable praying with one another. 



3. Video Teaching

 The video session proclaim, with beauty and simplicity, the core Gospel message and invite participants to make a personal response. 



4. Small Group Discussion

 Small groups are places for people to freely discuss what they heard in the teaching.