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Catechesis for the Masses

Ad Orientem 101 - Facing Liturgical East

 Read the information articles from the beginning of ad orientem at St. Ben's HERE.

Old Mass, New Mass, English Mass, Latin Mass.....what's the deal?

Session 1 - Two Forms
       Handouts: Notes and Comparison Chart

Session 2 - Encountering the Mystery of God
            Handouts: HERE

Session 3 - All about active participation
         Handouts: HERE

Class Sessions 4-6 were covering Latin pronunciation and practice which was not video recorded. To help you learn the parts of the Mass best, Fr. Joel created audio files to go along with a guide to the Latin Mass, both of which can be found HERE

Weekly Bulletin inserts:
September 18 - Introduction
September 25 - Timelessness of Right Worship
October 2 - Two Forms of a Mass
October 16 - Encountering Mystery
October 23 - Restful Participation
October 30 - Humility and the Virgin Mary
November 6 - Sacred Silence
November 13 - Latin, Our Native Tongue
November 20 - Are we going backwards?
November 27 - How rituals change
Dec. 4 - Singing leads to learning
Dec. 11 - Ministries of the Extraordinary Form
Dec. 18 - Ministries of the Ordinary Form
Dec. 25 - Ad Orientem Review
Jan. 1 - Basics of Gregorian Chant
Jan. 8 - Go Forth - Try it four times