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Fr. Joel Hastings

Fr. Joel Hastings

What is a mortal sin

Posted by Carol Cyr on 12/10/18

Name some mortal sins other than killing, missing Mass on Sundays and Holy Days (Part 1:  Definitions).

           In recent years, when there have been many in the Church who have spent much time and energy explaining away all sin, let alone the reality that there are serious sins ... Read More »


Posted by Carol Cyr on 12/03/18

Advent:  Preparing to Meet the Lord

As we begin our observance of Advent, we are invited to turn our focus to preparing for the coming of Christ – in every sense of His coming.  That is, while it is plain that Advent serves to help us be ready to ... Read More »

Church's view on meditation

Posted by Carol Cyr on 11/26/18

What is the Church’s view of meditation (as silent sitting and “connect with your body”)?

          When it comes to “meditation” as described in this question, the Church found it necessary to formally address this question in 1989 by way of a letter to bishops issued from the Congregation ... Read More »

Rule of St. Benedict/ Last Name of the Holy Family

Posted by Carol Cyr on 11/19/18

What is the St. Benedict Rule?

           Our parish patron, St. Benedict, is known to be among the earliest in the Church to formally move from a life “in the world” to establish a formal way of religious living within community separated from worldly influences.   The communal way of ... Read More »

Understanding Purgatory

Posted by Carol Cyr on 11/12/18

A review of the Church’s understanding of purgatory.

 During November, our Church offers greater attention to the faithful departed.  Through the celebration of All Saints and All Souls, we are invited both to reflect on the virtues and heavenly life of the saints and to intercede on behalf of ... Read More »

Vocation Story

Posted by Carol Cyr on 11/05/18

National Vocations Awareness Week Special:  How did you find your vocation?

           Providentially, as this week is National Vocations Awareness Week, I could think of no better time to answer this recently asked question about discovering my vocation.

          My own story of “finding” my vocation goes back to ... Read More »

Burial of Cremated remains

Posted by Carol Cyr on 10/29/18

My grandma’s main urn is in the ground already. What does a person do with the [remains] that have been distributed to several family members? We do not have enough money to re-open the ground.

           I first want to acknowledge that this question is a sincere question that ... Read More »

Coming back to the Church

Posted by Carol Cyr on 10/22/18

What steps would a non-practicing but fully initiated Catholic have to take to come back to the Church?

           This question, while it accounts in a general way for the place of the many people who have gone away from the Church after their confirmation, is not answered with ... Read More »

Is the end time near/How can lay people help with the recent scandal

Posted by Carol Cyr on 10/15/18

Since all the things going on in the Catholic Church, do you think the end will come soon?

           When the subject of the end of the world comes up, it is always important to remember two key truths, both of which Jesus addresses openly and directly in the ... Read More »

Veils at Mass/ Salvation through the Church

Posted by Carol Cyr on 10/08/18

If, as a woman, I attend the Extraordinary Form Latin Mass, should I wear a veil?

          You (that is, all readers of this column) may have noticed a recent trend:  that many women and girls are once more covering their heads whenever they are in the presence of ... Read More »


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