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Fr. Joel Hastings

Fr. Joel Hastings

Liturgy questions - Antiphons and the great Amen

Posted by Carol Cyr on 11/06/17

Does the priest alone, or everyone, say the Entrance and Communion Antiphon at daily Mass?

         A good question that points to multiple options that are possible, mindful that there are varying circumstances that can lead to one or another of the options being chosen.

         The Entrance and ... Read More »

Purgatory reviewed

Posted by Carol Cyr on 10/30/17

A review of the Church’s understanding of purgatory.

         During November, our Church offers greater attention to the faithful departed. Through the celebration of All Saints and All Souls, we are invited both to reflect on the virtues and heavenly life of the saints and to intercede on behalf ... Read More »

cremated remains

Posted by Carol Cyr on 10/23/17

A conundrum to me: we don’t spread cremated remains because of our respect for the human body but we do have relics of from the bodies of saints (obviously separated from the body of the saint). Please explain.

         This question (in different wording) was submitted not long ago ... Read More »

Revelation of indulgences

Posted by Carol Cyr on 10/16/17

What “revelation” tells us how we receive indulgences?

     The granting of indulgences is a part of Church’s life that is closely linked to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the forgiveness of sins. The proper authority of the Church to grant indulgences (insofar as this question asks for ... Read More »

Explain the Last Supper's correspondence to the Mass

Posted by Carol Cyr on 10/09/17

Explain the teaching: the Last Supper Mass is our ongoing Mass.

     In our ongoing efforts toward growing in right understanding of our Catholic faith, the words that are used in defining and describing the truths of faith must be as clear and precise as possible. That said, ... Read More »

What to do during your holy hour/ Sister or nun? Monastery or convent?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 10/02/17

Help with your Holy Hour

     I am grateful and excited by how many have committed to a regular hour of prayer during our 24-hour Eucharistic Adoration on Wednesdays into Thursday mornings. As many may be charting this course for the first time, I’d like to offer a ... Read More »

Eucharistic prayer choice and C.S. Lewis

Posted by Carol Cyr on 9/25/17

Using Eucharistic Prayer I instead of II or III:  it is about opportunity for more intentional prayer.

     You may have noticed recently at Mass that I have frequently chosen to pray Eucharistic Prayer I (also known as the “Roman Canon”).  I would like to explain my motivation ... Read More »

Can I receive communion if I'm late to Mass?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 9/18/17

Is there a requirement for a person to be present for a portion of the Mass before you can receive the Eucharist during a week day Mass?  In other words, if a person was to come to a daily Mass, let us say at the Our Father, can a ... Read More »

Conflicts in scripture?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 9/11/17

Explain conflicts in Scripture: Jesus suffered once for all; when man sins the whole community suffers.

     The verses that are being considered here include the following: that Jesus suffered once for all is related to us through 1 Peter 3:18, with similar words being found in Romans ... Read More »

The rapture and our heavenly bodies

Posted by Carol Cyr on 9/05/17

What does the Catholic Church say about the rapture?

          For those who may be unfamiliar, some groups of non-Catholic Christians believe in a “rapture” event (or perhaps multiple events) which they see as a future event that happens before the “final tribulation” (as their perspective also sees it) ... Read More »


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