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Fr. Joel Hastings

Fr. Joel Hastings

Does it matter if I am Catholic or Protestant?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 7/23/18


How should I respond to those who claim “all religions are the same” or “it doesn’t matter if you are Catholic or Protestant because they believe in the same God?”

           To answer this question well, I must be direct. On the claim that “all religions are the ... Read More »

Reconciling an all-knowing Jesus and our free will choices

Posted by Carol Cyr on 7/16/18

If Jesus knows what will happen, and he lets us control (ourselves), how does he know (what we will do)?

    A good question – which by the looks of how it was written likely came from a young person.  Thus, I will attempt a very simple answer for ... Read More »

Can an animal be put down/ An appropriate prayer for Adoration

Posted by Carol Cyr on 7/09/18

As a Catholic, is it right to put a pet down if it is suffering?  Or is it against the commandment “thou shall not kill?”

     When it comes to the sad and often difficult moments of seeing pets grow weak with years or become seriously ill, it is ... Read More »

Jesus and the coming of the Holy Spirit/Discerning God's call

Posted by Carol Cyr on 7/02/18

Why did Jesus have to leave for the Paraclete to come?

           In the mystery of the salvation, it is revealed to us by Jesus that He must return to the Father before the Paraclete (the Holy Spirit) is able to come (John 16:7). However, in the mystery of ... Read More »

Rogation and Ember Days

Posted by Carol Cyr on 6/25/18




What exactly are rogation days and ember days? What can we do as individuals and as a parish on these days to pay them proper respect?

         The presence “Rogation Days” and “Ember Days” have long existed in the Church’s liturgical calendar – though in present ... Read More »

Use of bells in the Church

Posted by Carol Cyr on 6/18/18

What is the meaning behind the ringing of the bells during Mass, and why are they at the specific moments they are (especially the 3rd ring)?

     The ringing of bells within the Mass has been around for many years. To expand this question to bells in general, ... Read More »

Boys and Girls as altar servers

Posted by Carol Cyr on 6/11/18

Why do some parishes only allow boys to be altar servers?

     Let me begin by giving some clarity on the sources for whether or not girls are permitted to serve at the altar. There is no little confusion on “who” can decide whether or not altar serving ... Read More »

Why a final judgement? Why is Peter shown with a chicken?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 6/04/18

If through the Sacrament of Penance we are absolved from sin, why the Final Judgement?

     Earlier this year (in February, to be precise), I answered a similar question about judgement, acknowledging that each of us in the moment of death is judged as either worthy of heaven ... Read More »

Sacred Heart Novena

Posted by Carol Cyr on 5/30/18

June is the month of the Sacred Heart: Have you ever tried the Sacred Heart Novena?

     As we draw near to the month of June, we approach the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This designation has its source primarily in the fact that the ... Read More »

Reader or Lector?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 5/21/18

I have noticed that some parishes refer to lay persons reading Scripture in the Mass as “Readers” will others refer to them as “Lectors.” What is a lector and whom does the Church permit to be a lector?

     This is a good question regarding ministries of the ... Read More »


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