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Fr. Joel Hastings

Fr. Joel Hastings

Kneeling for communion

Posted by Carol Cyr on 1/15/18

Is it acceptable to kneel when I receive Holy Communion?

     Perhaps you (all readers of this column) have noticed during your participation in the Mass in recent months that more and more people (especially youth) are choosing to fall to their knees when they arrive at the ... Read More »

Significance of the number of candles lit on the altar

Posted by Carol Cyr on 1/09/18

What is the significance of the number of candles on the altar?  Is there any significance with the number lit?

     As with many of the visible elements of the liturgy, the presence of candles has long been both practical (as a source of light) and symbolic.

  ... Read More »

New year...new beginnings in faith

Posted by Carol Cyr on 1/02/18

Start of the New Year is opportunity for new beginnings in faith…

     Tonight (that is, Sunday night) and tomorrow, while the whole world celebrates the beginning of the new year, we additionally celebrate the 8th (or Octave) day of Christmas. This day is designated by the present ... Read More »

Extending Christmas

Posted by Carol Cyr on 12/27/17

Extending Christmas to every day.

     As today’s bulletin is that for the Fourth Sunday of Advent that also happens this year to be Christmas eve, I offer early though timely wishes for all to have a blessed Christmas.

     Truly this final Sunday of our Advent ... Read More »

Integral Confession

Posted by Carol Cyr on 12/18/17

Advent Review:  The importance of an “integral confession.”

         As we draw nearer to the coming of the Lord, all are encouraged to receive the Sacrament of Penance as proper preparation for Christmas. In today’s bulletin there is a list of all the scheduled times for confession in the ... Read More »

Children's Questions

Posted by Carol Cyr on 12/11/17

Children’s Questions: Is God and Jesus real?

     Sometimes, it may seem like God is not real because we cannot see or hear Him in the way that we see and hear each other. However, even without seeing or hearing Him we can know that God is real ... Read More »

Does one Mass on Christmas Eve count for Sunday and Christmas?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 12/04/17

Since Christmas Eve is on a Sunday, will one Mass count for both Sunday and Christmas?

     This important question has a clear and direct answer – that 4th Sunday of Advent and Christmas are two separate days and, therefore, we are to participate in two separate Masses. ... Read More »

What went wrong with Vatican II?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 11/27/17

What went wrong with Vatican II?

     I will approach this direct question from both directions: that is, I will both try to answer the question above as given and also will say something about what went right with Vatican II, so that all can see that this ... Read More »

Can a priest deny absolution?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 11/20/17

Would/could a priest deny absolution to an individual during Reconciliation if they felt the person was not truly sorry? Would the priest, being a sinner himself, be able to judge a person in this regard?

        These questions point to two important realities: what is proper contrition (sorrow) for ... Read More »


Posted by Carol Cyr on 11/13/17

Would you explain why it is important to receive a dispensation if you must miss Sunday Mass?

         Let us consider first what a dispensation is and how it is given. Canon Law includes laws governing the necessity of Sunday and Holy Day Masses. Canons 1246-1247 speak of Sundays ... Read More »


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