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Why should I give to UCA?

Please be generous in supporting the United Catholic Appeal:

for our good and for the good of the whole Diocese of Duluth

TODAY is the kick-off of the 2017 United Catholic Appeal. I humbly ask you to please be generous in supporting the United Catholic Appeal.

In the mail, you hopefully received the 2017 United Catholic Appeal brochure that provides an overview of the many ministries carried out by the Diocese of Duluth Pastoral Center on our behalf. Your generous contribution is returned many times over for our good at St. Benedict’s Parish, including the following:

  • Each household in our parish annually receives 12 issues of The Northern Cross newspaper.
  • Our parish’s youth have opportunities to participate in several diocesan sponsored events each year:  including Camp Survive, the annual TOBIT Retreat, the Totus Tuus summer program, and more.
  • Adults in our community are able to continue to grow in faith through the annual men’s and women’s conferences and through the Diocesan
    Assembly each autumn.
  • Those who are homebound have access to Holy Mass on television each Sunday Morning at 9:30 on local channel 10.

As we begin this year’s campaign for the United Catholic Appeal, our assessment goal for St. Benedict’s is $66,276a decrease of nearly $7,000 from 2016. As of May 2, 2017, St. Benedict’s has already collected $17,557, or near 25% of our goal for the current year. We are off to a great start! I encourage you to continue to be generous in your contribution – aware of the benefits of UCA to our parish. As a guide to your contribution, remember the easy way for us to reach the goal is in the ratio of 5 to 1 – that is, for every $5 you donate to the parish, giving $1 to UCA leads us to meeting the goal. 

To simplify even more: when you contribute to UCA, your regular contribution can be easily calculated in relation to your regular offerings to the parish through the 5 to 1 ratio, submitting your donation through the UCA envelopes that are part of your Sunday Offering envelopes or through our electronic giving system. Know too that when you give automatically through electronic giving, you keep control of the particular days for your donations and the amount of each donation. Such electronic giving is simple and worry-free, assuring that your donations will always be made in a timely fashion. You can sign up for electronic giving on our website www.stbensduluth.org, or you can ask the parish office to assist you in setting up your electronic giving.

Please feel free to ask me any questions and for more examples of how the UCA benefits each one of us. I encourage you to visit the Diocese of Duluth website to see the individual pages of the various offices and ministries at www.dioceseduluth.org.  May you know more fully the love that our risen Lord Jesus Christ has for you – and may our diocese continue to be a channel of that love for many with and through your generosity.


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