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What is the Sequence that was sung before the Gospel on Corpus Christi?

Guest blogger, Sandy Eller, our music coordinator, shares the following:

I've had a lot of questions this week (and it's only Tuesday!) about the sequence for Corpus Christi on Sunday. Why is it done, why is it optional, what does it all mean? Some have wanted to revisit this beautiful text, so I found a link to a recording, while in Latin, does have the English on the side. 


I've also referred people to #466 in our hymnal if they want to look it over in English.

Do you know why we have a sequence?

Excellent question. This is a short read on history of the sequence, (while it pertains to the Pentecost sequence is still relevant):


...and another source noted the development going back as far as Jewish chant and melody. 

Our Corpus Christi sequence dates back to St. Thomas Aquinas, 1200's, and may have been commissioned by the Pope to add to the Liturgy of the Hours, finding its way into the Liturgy of the Mass as more Feasts and Celebrations were added to complement dogmas/doctrines.


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