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Duluth Diocese - United Catholic Appeal

Supporting the Proclamation of the Gospel in the Diocese of Duluth

It is UCA time again, the kick-off our Duluth Diocesan - United Catholic Appeal is Sunday, May 1.  Last year, thanks to your generosity our parish met its
assessment without using any of our savings for the first time in over 20 years. 

Why do we need UCA?

While the UCA has been around for about 40 years, it is always important to speak of where these funds go and how they work for you.  In short, the Duluth Diocese UCA provides funding for the ministries of our bishop and the various offices of the Diocese of Duluth. Offices and services within our Diocese such as:

  • Training and formation of our future priests and deacons
  • Training and formation of our catechists
  • Religious education / Marriage and family life
  • Our Catholic schools
  • Our Diocesan newspaper – The Northern Cross
  • Along with a multitude of opportunities for our youth

As you can see, the UCA funds support many aspects within our Diocese and work for us. Given the current state of the diocese and its filing for bankruptcy protection, it is important to note that these dollars are intended for the daily operations and ongoing ministries of our shepherd, Bishop Paul Sirba, and those who work with him within our Diocese as these funds remain within our Diocese.

Our Assessment:

Due to your continued generosity, our annual income continues to rise, which does result in an increase in our annual UCA Assessment as the assessment is based on a percentage of our annual income.  Our 2016 UCA assessment for St. Benedict’s is $73,586, which is an increase of approximately $9,000. I am very pleased to state that to-date we have collected $15,594 towards this year’s annual assessment, yet we have a long way to go.  The annual UCA assessment is based on a percentage of each parish’s ordinary income. This year, the percentage assessed is just under 19% of our ordinary income, which is the giving we collect at weekly and Holy Day Masses. 

Meeting Our Assessment:

How can we meet this annual assessment? It’s pretty simple actually, as the answer lies in the percentage and a ratio of 1 to 5. What I mean by this is, if we each give just $1 to UCA in addition to every $5 we give in our individual giving, we would meet this assessment without having to draw from our parish savings.  Let me restate this truth (so as to emphasize):  for every $5 you give to the parish, if you give an additional $1 to UCA, we will meet our assessment and not have to utilize our savings to do so.

How can I donate?

As an alternative to the envelopes you receive in the mail, I want to invite you to consider giving electronically.  Through intentional, electronic giving, you decide on the particular days of donations and amount you desire to give with each donation – giving you full control over when you donations are given and how much you offer each time.  Such electronic giving is simple and worry-free, assuring that your donations will always be given in a timely fashion and will not be accidently

Further Questions?

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions about any aspect of UCA. I also encourage you to visit the website of the diocese to see the individual pages of the various offices and ministries at www.dioceseduluth.org.  May we continue to offer ourselves in the joy of the Gospel on behalf of our local Church.


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