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Jesus' healing is more powerful

While 44 Years of Abortion belongs to us, Jesus’ healing is more powerful.

    Today marks the 44th Anniversary of the tragic and unjust U.S. Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade, allowing abortion.  While we might be tempted to sit back and say, “yup, that’s really too bad,” or, we to believe that new civic leadership is going to bring an immediate end to this issue, it is necessary that I tell you that such a response will get us nowhere.

    Truly, the decision for abortion has caused great tragedy in our great nation, among whose founding principles are the rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  After 44 years, at least 58 million innocent children have perished in America in the name of “choice.” (This number is probably too small as this number was released a year ago.)  Furthermore, the number of women and men who severely suffer because of the decision (or coercion) to have an abortion is staggering.  While you or I may never have been a direct participant in an abortion, the present suffering of others does not allow us to say that abortion is not our problem.  There are likely women and men in our own parish who are suffering terribly due to abortion – who may have believed they had no other option at the time and are now feeling isolated.  This is reality.

    Yet, there is another, more significant reality – Jesus Christ has come into the world to save us.  Today, while many well intending people continue to turn to abortion out of the same fear or pressure that has affected many before them, there is real hope in Jesus Christ.  Healing can begin first by remembering that Jesus came to do the will of the Father, not to condemn the world, but to save us and to not lose any one that has been given to him (See John 3:17 and 6:39).  His healing, available as it is to all, is not always recognized and even believed, however.  It is here that all of us come in.

    While agencies such as Planned Parenthood still are getting a pass by many to kill for blood money (even after their exploitative works have been exposed), many well-intending people in our society are being duped, only to suffer after the fact.  You and I, however, can begin by prayer for an end to abortion and for healing of those who suffer because of abortion.  In our own relationships, we can personally reach out to those we know who are suffering and begin by helping them to recognize that they are loved:  by us who reach out to them and most of all by God who came to save and set free.  Just as it is by prayer and by disciples being present to others that the world will be won for Christ, so too our call to bring the healing power of Christ to those suffering begins in prayer and continues through our presence.

    Today, I would like to issue a two-fold challenge:  first for each and every one of us to pray daily for all victims of abortion (that is, the children themselves, and also their mothers, fathers, and any other who participated in the decision to abort.)  Second, might we all seek to reach out to someone we know who is suffering due to abortion and let them know that they are sincerely loved.  May we carry out such an act not only once, but often, whenever these persons express their suffering or feelings of hopelessness.  May the healing power of Jesus Christ envelope all those who suffer due to abortion and give them life. Abortion is a problem for all of us.  Please, help make a solution.



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