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Children's Questions

Children’s Questions: Is God and Jesus real?

     Sometimes, it may seem like God is not real because we cannot see or hear Him in the way that we see and hear each other. However, even without seeing or hearing Him we can know that God is real because of what we do see in the world and from what God Himself told us. We can know Him from what is in the world because everything that we can see, hear, feel, taste, or touch came from somewhere – it did not make itself. Every plant, animal, rock, or any other thing came to be because another “caused it,” as we say. Yet, there is One who was not made by another, who is the beginning of every other thing – and that is God.

     We also know God is real because He chose to tell us about Himself. He spoke to people in history like the prophets, and later He Himself came into the world and spoke – as the man who is Son of God, Jesus. Jesus us tells us both who He is and what His plan for us is, so that we might know how to live as children of God forever with Him in heaven. Much of what God said was written down by these same prophets and by the apostles in the books of the Bible so that many more could know Him.

     So even though we do not see or hear God the way we see and hear each other, we can fully trust that God is real because of what we can see and hear around us and what is given to us directly (like our own lives) along with what He spoke. Jesus also gave us a way to pray – and when we pray we come to know Him. So as you seek Jesus and want to see Him, remember that the fastest way to know Him better is to pray every day.

What food did Jesus eat?

     Just like we live in a particular place with foods that are easy to find here, so Jesus would have eaten food that would have been easy to find in His own time and place (in Nazareth or in Jerusalem, which are cities in the part of world called Israel).  Some of the foods He probably ate were bread, different fruits (like figs or olives), and probably meat from animals such as goats or different birds (pigeons or quail, for example), and fish. He probably would have drank water, wine, and milk (from goats or sheep). All of these types of food are found in different places throughout the Bible, and therefore give us the best clues as to what Jesus ate.

Do dogs have souls?

     God made all things (including dogs) to show His love and glory. However, there is a difference between human beings and animals in how God made us. When God made us, He gave us a soul that never will die, that is meant to live with Him forever.   Even though people die in this world, our soul does not die, but it leaves our body and continues to live after we die. At the end of the world, all of us will rise with new bodies that will never die.

     Animals, including dogs, do not have a soul that lives forever. That they are “alive” means that the do have a living soul. However, their souls are not meant to live
forever – as they are made for this world. In heaven, God may have made animals for there that will never die; but we have to wait and see.


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