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2018 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

2018 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

Kneeling for communion

Posted by Carol Cyr on 1/15/18

Is it acceptable to kneel when I receive Holy Communion?

     Perhaps you (all readers of this column) have noticed during your participation in the Mass in recent months that more and more people (especially youth) are choosing to fall to their knees when they arrive at the ... Read More »

Significance of the number of candles lit on the altar

Posted by Carol Cyr on 1/09/18

What is the significance of the number of candles on the altar?  Is there any significance with the number lit?

     As with many of the visible elements of the liturgy, the presence of candles has long been both practical (as a source of light) and symbolic.

  ... Read More »

New year...new beginnings in faith

Posted by Carol Cyr on 1/02/18

Start of the New Year is opportunity for new beginnings in faith…

     Tonight (that is, Sunday night) and tomorrow, while the whole world celebrates the beginning of the new year, we additionally celebrate the 8th (or Octave) day of Christmas. This day is designated by the present ... Read More »


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