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2018 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

2018 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

Holy Week

Posted by Carol Cyr on 3/26/18

The blessings of Holy Week

     Today we begin the holiest of weeks when our Lord Jesus Christ, out of love for us and obedience to His heavenly Father, accepted death so as to give new life. It is in this act of love that our whole life ... Read More »

Bowing vs. genuflecting

Posted by Carol Cyr on 3/19/18

When I was young, every time we crossed the altar we genuflected toward the tabernacle, acknowledging God’s presence therein. Why today do persons crossing the altar bow toward the front of the altar rather than genuflect toward the tabernacle?

         The answer to this question of bowing and genuflecting ... Read More »

Why was Zechariah punished for questioning the angel but not Mary?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 3/12/18

Could you explain why Zechariah was punished for questioning the angel Gabriel’s message while Mary was not?

     This is a great question about the events of the conception and birth of John the Baptist and of the Lord Jesus Christ. While there are definite parallels to the ... Read More »

“24 Hours for the Lord”– Pope Francis’ initiative for confession will be held at St. Benedict’s!

Posted by Carol Cyr on 3/05/18

Next weekend, beginning at 12:00 pm on Friday, March 9, and lasting until 12:00 pm on Saturday, March 10, our parish will be hosting this year’s 24 Hours for the Lord on behalf of the whole of our diocese. I want to especially encourage all members of our parish ... Read More »

What is blaspheming against the Holy Spirit

Posted by Carol Cyr on 2/26/18

What is blaspheming against the Holy Spirit, and how can any sin be unforgivable?

         As further context for this question, might we first look at the passage from Mark 3:22-30, within which Jesus makes reference to these matters of blaspheming against the Holy Spirit:

        “The scribes who ... Read More »

Prayer and Openness to God

Posted by Carol Cyr on 2/19/18

Prayer and Openness to God.

     As this is the First Sunday of Lent, I am going to make an assumption – albeit one that is pretty safe: that many of us are approaching Lent with the desire to grow in holiness. For some, that desired growth in ... Read More »

General and Particular Judgment

Posted by Carol Cyr on 2/12/18

What is the difference between general and particular judgment? Does God judge us in front of everyone and say our sins aloud? If so I thought we were forgiven in confession. So why would he bring our sins up again?

     The distinction between the time of the ... Read More »

Red Rose Rescues

Posted by Carol Cyr on 2/05/18

What does the Church say in her social doctrine about civil disobedience for the cause of life as practiced by the Franciscan Friars of Renewal and Priests for Life in the nationally coordinated Red Rose Rescues?

         “Red Rose Rescues” are recent actions sponsored by some pro-life organizations wherein ... Read More »

"Praying the Mass", distraction in prayer, and receiving communion when late for Mass

Posted by Carol Cyr on 1/29/18

What is “praying the Mass?”

      As the Holy Mass is our greatest act of worship, filled with ritual, symbols, gestures, and the like, it certainly is different from other types of prayer that may contain only one or a few of these elements. Within the Mass, ... Read More »

Crying babies

Posted by Carol Cyr on 1/22/18

Could you say something about when it is appropriate to take crying babies out of the church?

     This is admittedly a delicate question that cannot be answered without attention to several nuances, such as our own varying preferences and senses as individuals on “what is that point ... Read More »


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