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September 2018 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

September 2018 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

Candles at Mass/ Miracles

Posted by Carol Cyr on 9/24/18

Why are all of the candles lit on some feast days but fewer on others?

           The number of candles that are lit on the altar can depend on the Mass of the day and its level of solemnity.  As the two forms of the Mass (that is, the ... Read More »

Plenary indulgences

Posted by Carol Cyr on 9/17/18

What is a plenary indulgence?

          The granting of indulgences is a part of the Church’s life that is closely linked to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the forgiveness of sins.  According to the Catechism, which takes its explanation from the apostolic constitution of Pope Paul VI entitled The ... Read More »

Use of Eucharistic Prayer I

Posted by Carol Cyr on 9/10/18

Using Eucharistic Prayer I instead of II or III:  it is about opportunity for more intentional prayer.

           A full year has passed since I began the nearly exclusive use of Eucharistic Prayer I (also known as the “Roman Canon”) at offerings of Mass.  Accordingly, I think it is ... Read More »

Prayer and Support in Trying Times

Posted by Carol Cyr on 9/04/18

Mutual support in the midst of trying times

           I want to make use of this article, in the interest of giving encouragement and support as we all persevere together through this difficult time in the Church, to speak of an opportunity at the parish for all of us ... Read More »


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