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October 2018 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

October 2018 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

Burial of Cremated remains

Posted by Carol Cyr on 10/29/18

My grandma’s main urn is in the ground already. What does a person do with the [remains] that have been distributed to several family members? We do not have enough money to re-open the ground.

           I first want to acknowledge that this question is a sincere question that ... Read More »

Coming back to the Church

Posted by Carol Cyr on 10/22/18

What steps would a non-practicing but fully initiated Catholic have to take to come back to the Church?

           This question, while it accounts in a general way for the place of the many people who have gone away from the Church after their confirmation, is not answered with ... Read More »

Is the end time near/How can lay people help with the recent scandal

Posted by Carol Cyr on 10/15/18

Since all the things going on in the Catholic Church, do you think the end will come soon?

           When the subject of the end of the world comes up, it is always important to remember two key truths, both of which Jesus addresses openly and directly in the ... Read More »

Veils at Mass/ Salvation through the Church

Posted by Carol Cyr on 10/08/18

If, as a woman, I attend the Extraordinary Form Latin Mass, should I wear a veil?

          You (that is, all readers of this column) may have noticed a recent trend:  that many women and girls are once more covering their heads whenever they are in the presence of ... Read More »

Angels / Why 12 apostles

Posted by Carol Cyr on 10/01/18

What is the difference between cherubim and seraphim?  Are they both angels?

           There are said to be nine “choirs of angels,” within which two of these choirs are the cherubim and seraphim – and it is these two choirs that are of the highest rank in the hierarchy ... Read More »


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