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March 2017 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

March 2017 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

Why is Easter Vigil so late?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 3/27/17

Why does our Easter Vigil Mass have to be so late in the evening?

     As we draw closer to Easter, I want to speak of the Easter Vigil Mass in the life of the Church while also addressing the question of why it starts at the scheduled ... Read More »

Who created Hell?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 3/20/17

In Genesis it states that God created everything and “it was good.” If God created everything good – who created Hell?

     The first answer to this question is the dispelling of the misconception that heaven and hell are “places” as we think of Duluth as a place. ... Read More »

Pride and the "best" versions of the Bible

Posted by Carol Cyr on 3/13/17

Which of the commandments does pride come into?

     Pride is commonly understood as the root of every sin. Pride is more than “boasting;” it is the interior disposition of mind and heart that can be well summarized by the expression, “I can do it my own way.” ... Read More »

Predestined to be disciples?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 3/06/17

Was it predestined who Jesus would choose as His 12 Apostles? Did Jesus know who he was looking for?

     This question about the foreknowledge that Jesus possessed in this particular area (the choice of the apostles) is one that can help us think about His foreknowledge more generally.

     It is certainly reasonable to say that Jesus had foreknowledge of the 12 apostles, just as He foreknew other truths. It is at the same time mysterious that Jesus, during His youth, is said to have grown in knowledge as we hear in Luke 2:52, pointing to the possibility that some things remained unknown to Him. Reconciling His foreknowledge with the fact of His growth in knowledge is a point of speculation on the mystery of both knowing all (in His divinity) and being capable of growing in knowledge (in His humanity). However, given that Jesus knew who would betray Him (as alluded to in John 13:10-11), it is apparent that He had real foreknowledge of future events. Likewise, as Jesus is God who sees all moments as “present” (that is, the entirety of history is one, or “present” in God’s knowledge of it), mindful, too, of His providential care that allows for happenings (good and bad) so that the true good may be brought about, His foreknowledge was in some sense a predestining of whom He would ... Read More »


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