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September 2016 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

September 2016 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

How can WE bless God?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 9/27/16

How are we to bless God? Who am I to bless God. He blesses us.

     A good question – pointing to how we use the word “bless” in multiple, but related ways.

     Normally, when we think of the word “bless,” our thoughts may direct us ... Read More »

Shame vs. Guilt

Posted by Carol Cyr on 9/19/16

What is the role of shame in the Christian life? I have felt a lot of guilt and shame in my life. Sometimes it seems to help keep me out of sin, but it also makes me afraid of God at times. I don’t think it is the same ... Read More »

How will I learn Latin?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 9/12/16

I am excited about the Latin Mass at noon, but how will we learn what to say at Mass?

     Thank you for this question, for which I am making an exception in the “first come, first served” way that I normally treat the questions from the question ... Read More »

Faith, Trust, and Belief

Posted by Carol Cyr on 9/06/16

Can you explain the similarity or difference between faith, trust, and belief and how they affect our life in Christ?

     Thank you for this very good question on how we properly understand the meaning of each of these words and how they relate to one another. Given ... Read More »


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