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August 2016 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

August 2016 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings


Posted by Carol Cyr on 8/29/16

What’s the deal with Medjugorje?

     This question of “the deal” raises multiple possibilities for me to answer. It may be a question of simply “what is” (or “where is”) Medjugorje; it may be a request to speak about alleged events happening there; or it may even be ... Read More »

Fear of dying

Posted by Carol Cyr on 8/23/16

I was wondering if you had any advice for someone who is worrying about death?  [Recently] I started getting nervous about death. I talked to [family members about this worry], but it's still in my mind. I know I am still younger, but it worries me to think about others ... Read More »

Creation vs. Evolution?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 8/15/16

How does the science of evolution fit into God’s creation?

     For several years there have been debates on the subject of “how the world came to be,” with many reducing the answer to this question to one of two explanations: either evolution or creation (creation being referred ... Read More »

How to read the Bible

Posted by Carol Cyr on 8/09/16

I would like to start reading the Bible and when I was reading the book “Rediscover Jesus,” the author stated “No one should start reading the Bible from the beginning (Genesis) you should start with the gospels.”  If this is true (is it?) what order should the Gospels be ... Read More »


Posted by Carol Cyr on 8/01/16

What do we make of purgatory?  (Is it real or myth?)  How do you get out of it?

     I am at one and the same moment very pleased that this question was submitted and disturbed that this question needs to be answered, for the same reason: that ... Read More »


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