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June 2016 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

June 2016 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

Animal Sacrifices

Posted by Carol Cyr on 6/20/16

Why the animals are sacrificial offerings throughout the Bible. Thousands of animals died for what purpose? Why would God want innocent animals to be killed?

         When studying the history of religion, a common reality of many, if not almost all religions in times both ancient and contemporary is ... Read More »

What's in a name? Keeping God's name holy.

Posted by Carol Cyr on 6/13/16

Would you comment on the “rights and wrongs” on using God’s name. So many people use God’s name – not in prayer, but just like it’s a word. I have taught [my children] that it’s okay during prayer, or talking nice of God. So tired of the “OMG!”  Please ... Read More »

Peace be with You - the Sign of Peace

Posted by Carol Cyr on 6/06/16

I know the Vatican had to “reign in” the Sign of Peace a few years ago, but putting it positively, how should we participate in that part of the liturgy? What is it there for?

         A very good question regarding proper participation in what is deemed a traditional ... Read More »


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