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February 2016 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

February 2016 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

When is it ok to refuse medical treatment?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 2/29/16

If a person is on dialysis or taking chemotherapy and decides to stop, is that a form of suicide?

This question is excellent and very important as it requires us to look not only at the particular circumstance of dialysis and chemotherapy, but at the principles that are to ... Read More »

God's Plan

Posted by Carol Cyr on 2/22/16

Why do we pray for specific intentions when God already has a ‘plan’ for us?  So if He won’t change the plan, do we truly have free will?

These two questions have at least two separate issues: the nature of God’s plan in relation to our prayer and the ... Read More »

A Fruitful Lent

Posted by Carol Cyr on 2/15/16

A Fruitful Lent Begins With God.

Today is the First Sunday of Lent. We hear at today’s Mass (as on every First Sunday of Lent) the account of Jesus’ time in the desert where he undergoes temptation. Mindful of the many significant details that are taught to us in ... Read More »

Holy Doors

Posted by Carol Cyr on 2/08/16

My children and I made a pilgrimage to the Cathedral's Holy Door after Mass on Christmas Eve (and after going to confession that same day).  We received the plenary indulgence but wonder exactly what that means.  Could you shed some light on that please?

The granting of indulgences is a part ... Read More »

Fasting after Communion?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 2/01/16

Since we have a Eucharistic fast before Communion, why don’t we have one after Mass?

     In Mark 2:18-22, Jesus is questioned as to why His disciples do not fast (whereas those of John the Baptist do). In response, Jesus says “Can the wedding guests fast while the ... Read More »


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