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November 2016 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings

November 2016 archive of Fr. Joel Hastings


Posted by Carol Cyr on 11/28/16

Advent gives us a new start

     As we begin our observance of Advent, we are invited to turn our focus to preparing for the coming of Christ. Often, such preparation includes added emphasis to charitable works on behalf of others who are poor and in need. However, ... Read More »

Better focus at Mass

Posted by Carol Cyr on 11/21/16

Understanding and focusing during the prayers before and after the consecration is often difficult for me. How can I understand and appreciate these prayers better?

     Thank you for your sincere question, which I will answer from two angles:  how to practice focusing on these and other prayers ... Read More »

Prayer - once, twice, three times?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 11/14/16

What is the difference in praying for/about a specific intention over and over versus praying for/about it once and “letting it go” by giving it up to God and trusting Him with it?

     This question is a good reminder of the prayer card I gave out earlier ... Read More »


Posted by Carol Cyr on 11/07/16

How many ways are there to earn a plenary indulgence?

     Before answering the question, might we review what an indulgence is and consider its effects. Having done that we can consider “how many ways” there are to “gain” a plenary indulgence.

     The granting of indulgences ... Read More »


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