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“24 Hours for the Lord”– Pope Francis’ initiative for confession will be held at St. Benedict’s!

Next weekend, beginning at 12:00 pm on Friday, March 9, and lasting until 12:00 pm on Saturday, March 10, our parish will be hosting this year’s 24 Hours for the Lord on behalf of the whole of our diocese. I want to especially encourage all members of our parish to avail themselves to this opportunity for prayer and the sacrament of confession – given the great blessing and
advantage that it will be for us as the hosts of this important prayer event.

To refresh your memory, 24 Hours for the Lord was started in 2014 by Pope Francis as a way of encouraging each local Church to make the sacrament of reconciliation, along with Eucharistic Adoration, available for a continuous
period of 24 hours. As a way of establishing consistent timing, he selected the days ahead of the 4th Sunday of Lent as proper time for these 24 hours to be offered. In 2016, (in the midst of the Jubilee Year of Mercy), our diocese and many more followed the Holy Father’s directive to offer this event (which in that year was held at the Cathedral of Our Lady). By all counts, the 2016 event proved very fruitful in our diocese, with many people receiving the sacrament during the 24 hours while also availing themselves to time of Eucharistic

This year, as the Holy Father has given a clearer call to bishops throughout the world to see that this 24-hour prayer is being offered, circumstances have led to our parish serving as the host for this year’s event. Given our regular life of Eucharistic Adoration on Fridays during Lent, it will be more like “28 hours,” as we will begin the adoration as normal at the conclusion of the 8:00 am Mass on Friday, March 9,
extending it all the way to Saturday, March 10, at 12:00 pm. Please note that we will not offer Stations of the Cross on Friday at 7:00; however, the regularly scheduled Saturday 8:00 am Mass will still be offered. The 24-hour period for confession will begin on Friday at 12:00 pm and last until Saturday at 12:00 pm. During this time, Bishop Sirba himself and along with several priests from throughout our diocese have agreed to come here to assist in making the sacrament available, each taking a
2-hour slot during the 24 hours. I for my part have also committed to some of these time slots. In addition to utilizing the confessional, the sacristy will also be utilized as a place for confession, as several of the 2-hour time slots will have two priests available.

Along with encouraging your participation in this sacrament of mercy, I also invite you to consider committing to time of Eucharistic Adoration – as all 28 hours will need to be covered by at least one person. A sign-up sheet was placed in the Gathering Space all last week, inviting people to commit to an hour of adoration. Please contact Cassi in the office if you are interested in committing to an hour of adoration for this one-time adoration event (which is being arranged and filled separately from our
regular Wednesday and Friday adoration times).

I hope that all will take advantage of this very special opportunity for our parish.  May the Lord bless you in your continuing observance of this Lenten Season.


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