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Fr. Joel Hastings

Fr. Joel Hastings

I thought the Church teaches that saints are humans who have died. Why do we call the archangels “saints”?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 5/10/21

This question gives good opportunity to express both how the word “saint” can be used in multiple ways, and how the process of declaring persons as saints has developed and changed through the centuries.

While today there is a formal process by which persons who have died are declared ... Read More »

Please clarify the penitential requirement for every Friday. Is it to abstain from meat? What is the gravity of not following this rule of the Church? (Is it a mortal sin? etc.)

Posted by Carol Cyr on 5/03/21

This is a great question for us to explore outside of Lent, as the question reminds us of an important truth of faith:  that the Lord Jesus offered himself in death for us on a Friday and therefore every Friday is a day of remembrance of his sacrificial love ... Read More »

2021 United Catholic Appeal

Posted by Carol Cyr on 4/26/21

This year’s official kick-off of the Diocese of Duluth United Catholic Appeal will be on May 2, 2021.  As a precursor to this start-up, I want to address our participation in this appeal and encourage your generosity, especially as we welcome our new bishop.

This year, our United Catholic ... Read More »

Information and further reflections on St. Benedict being clustered with St. John’s, beginning July 14

Posted by Carol Cyr on 4/19/21

Today I thought it would be fitting to review and reiterate what was announced on April 10-11:  that beginning on July 14, 2021, St. Benedict parish will be clustered with St. John parish in the Woodland neighborhood.  In writing about these matters, I want to emphasize particular truths and ... Read More »

Divine Mercy Sunday and the Eucharist.

Posted by Carol Cyr on 4/12/21

Today, on this 2nd Sunday of Easter, or 8th day of Easter (also called the “octave,” as in “eight”), the Church celebrates Divine Mercy Sunday.  Today, as we celebrate this Feast of Mercy, there are several important realities and moments that are present that can aid us in celebrating ... Read More »

Blessings and Hope in Celebrating Easter Together

Posted by Carol Cyr on 4/06/21

As we celebrate Easter Sunday together today, I hope that today’s feast will bring great joy and blessings to all.

 Who can forget how last year for Easter we were not able to be together to celebrate this most important day in our faith – the day that Jesus ... Read More »

The blessings of Holy Week

Posted by Carol Cyr on 3/30/21

Today we begin the holiest of weeks when our Lord Jesus Christ, out of love for us and obedience to His heavenly Father, accepted death so as to give new life.  It is in this act of love that our whole life truly finds its eternal meaning.  It is ... Read More »

The importance of an “integral confession.”

Posted by Carol Cyr on 3/22/21

Today we enter Passiontide; that is, the last two weeks of Lent leading up to the Paschal Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter.  The sacrament of penance is a very good, if not the very best way for all baptized Catholics to prepare to enter into these ... Read More »


Posted by Carol Cyr on 3/15/21

Over the last two years on most weeks during that time we have been looking at the basic teachings of the Catholic Faith following the outline and ordering of the book The New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism while using the official Catechism of the Catholic Church as our primary ... Read More »


Posted by Carol Cyr on 3/08/21

 In this last segment on prayer, we conclude as does the Catechism of the Catholic Church by looking briefly at the prayer that Jesus Himself taught us:  The Lord’s Prayer.

 In introducing The Lord’s Prayer, the catechism characterizes it as “The Summary of the Whole Gospel.”  As a summary, ... Read More »


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