Welcome to St. Benedict's Parish. If you're new to the area, been away for a while, or remained a faithful member, the people of St. Benedict's invite you to walk with us.


The Edge
Middle School Program for 6th - 8th Grade Youth

Middle School is an interesting time in every young persons life. You’re in that transitional phase of not being a kid but not quite teenager; you’re on the “edge,” hence the clever title.

For the middle school program we use the discipleship format and split the big group into smaller girls and guys groups based on grade. Since this phase in life is full of changes and challenges, we try to make our groups a place of fellowship but also for support and an opportunity for mentorship.

The Deep
High School Program for 9th - 11th Grade Youth

The Deep is our high school program for youth in 9th – 11th grades. This program is essentially a 3 year Confirmation preparation program where teens split into discipleship groups by grade and gender and our walked “deeper” into the faith. A discipleship leader is assigned to each group and will continue with that group for all three years.