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Fr. Joel Hastings

Fr. Joel Hastings

Music Selections at Mass

Posted by Carol Cyr on 12/14/15

Can we bring back the “Gather” hymnals (more familiar hymns)?

          In an effort to give this question/request the attention and substantive answer it deserves, I need to first say a few things about my own entering into the present situation.  First of all, I am very aware that ... Read More »

Is Yoga for Catholics?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 12/07/15

At a pain clinic it was advised that we do Yoga. Since Yoga is rooted in Eastern religions and includes meditation as well as exercise, are we, as Catholics, permitted to do it?

This particular question about yoga contains a deeper, more general issue that is worthy of reflecting ... Read More »

Announcing: More Opportunities for Confession

Posted by Carol Cyr on 11/30/15

As we begin Advent this weekend, the time has come to prepare ourselves to meet the Lord Jesus in His coming. While our Advent journey consistently calls us to focus on Jesus’ second, glorious coming, this year we have the added significance of Pope Francis’ call for a Year of ... Read More »

Becoming a priest

Posted by Carol Cyr on 11/16/15

How did you become a priest? (asked by a six-year- old)

I thank the parents of our six-year-old questioner for encouraging their daughter to ask. I will gladly try to answer the question in a manner that can either be read to her, or that she can read herself ... Read More »


Posted by Carol Cyr on 10/19/15

In Sunday's Gospel, we hear about the disciples boldly asking for a prestigious place next to Jesus in Heaven. Jesus does not chastise them as He has in the past on certain issues; rather, He seems to want to grant them their request. What are we to take from ... Read More »

Question Box

Posted by Carol Cyr on 10/12/15

One of my favorite things to do and a charism of mine is to teach. One avenue for me to teach is by answering your questions. There is a box on the table just inside the front doors in the Gathering Space for you to put questions. This can ... Read More »

How do we react in the face of fear?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 9/21/15

This weekend I explored the two most common reactions to fear: cowardliness or dominance. Neither is the best reaction. I offered insight on how the Apostles reacted to fear in the Gospel reading and how we can approach it best. Listen to my full homily here.

Procession and Ordinary Time

Posted by Carol Cyr on 9/14/15

If you missed the Eucharistic Procession, I encourage you to look at pictures and read articles about the day. It was a beautiful, powerful day!

This weekend's homily, though I was tired from the Procession and all the preparation that went into it, is here for your listening pleasure.

Healing and Spiritual protection

Posted by Carol Cyr on 9/08/15

As Christ healed the deaf man with the word "Ephphatha!" so we are called to "be open." Listen to the full homily HERE.

I also recount below my "Pastor's Ponderings" for this week as a way of protection:

In my first days here at St. Ben’s, I learned quickly ... Read More »

Spirituality vs. Religion?

Posted by Carol Cyr on 8/31/15

In this weekend's homily I addressed the notion of people being spiritual but not religious. On the other extreme we encounter people who have a checklist of rituals which I also explored. As Catholics, we must have a both AND attitude. Listen to my full homily HERE.


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