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Fr. Joel Hastings

Fr. Joel Hastings

More questions about the Mass

Posted by Cassi Beamer on 5/23/17

In the Extraordinary Form Mass [that is, the Latin Mass from the Roman Missal of 1962], why do the servers hold up the chasuble sometimes?

         This question is a wonderful observation of an act that happens during the consecration in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. As the ... Read More »

Explain the St. Michael prayer

Posted by Cassi Beamer on 5/15/17

Could you explain the St. Michael Prayer?  I have a friend who is bothered by the prayer because she feels that it is sending “sinners to hell;” that it’s a very unmerciful prayer.  Maybe an explanation about what “all the evil spirits” means?

     Thank you for this ... Read More »

Why should I give to UCA?

Posted by Cassi Beamer on 5/08/17

Please be generous in supporting the United Catholic Appeal:

for our good and for the good of the whole Diocese of Duluth

TODAY is the kick-off of the 2017 United Catholic Appeal. I humbly ask you to please be generous in supporting the United Catholic Appeal.

In the mail, you ... Read More »

Why do Lutherans profess a belief in "catholic"? And how can Jesus be everywhere at once?

Posted by Cassi Beamer on 5/01/17

Why do Lutherans profess a belief in “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic” church?

     Without claiming to know and understand the theology held by those who follow Lutheranism, I propose three possible reasons why Lutherans profess these words, all of which are based primarily upon Church history. The ... Read More »

Call no man father?

Posted by Cassi Beamer on 4/24/17

In the bible it says “you shall not call anyone on earth Father because you have but one Father in Heaven.” Why then are priests and dads called father? I actually feel guilty calling anyone father but my heavenly Father. What else is appropriate to call priests other than Father?

         Might I approach the main part of the question from three angles – noting that after my three angles I hope that the question of “what else” to call the priest will hopefully not need an ... Read More »

How can I forgive?

Posted by Cassi Beamer on 4/18/17

How does a person truly forgive another who has done them wrong?  Is it just by saying it?  Praying about [it]?  Why is it so hard for someone to forgive another?  It can even take years to forgive.  How can it be easier and faster to forgive, like Jesus ... Read More »

What Mysteries should I pray? Forgiveness of venial sin.

Posted by Cassi Beamer on 4/10/17

During Lent are we supposed to say the Sorrowful Mysteries everyday up until Easter Sunday when praying the Rosary?

     This answer may not seem timely (as Lent is concluding); however, the answer I will give is meant to be timely in any moment, as there is merit ... Read More »

How can I make a better confession?

Posted by Cassi Beamer on 4/03/17

How can I make a better confession?

     In order to cover many bases in this question while keeping it as simple as possible, I choose to print a list of “tips” to making a good confession written by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, author of the very popular Catholic ... Read More »

Why is Easter Vigil so late?

Posted by Cassi Beamer on 3/27/17

Why does our Easter Vigil Mass have to be so late in the evening?

     As we draw closer to Easter, I want to speak of the Easter Vigil Mass in the life of the Church while also addressing the question of why it starts at the scheduled ... Read More »

Who created Hell?

Posted by Cassi Beamer on 3/20/17

In Genesis it states that God created everything and “it was good.” If God created everything good – who created Hell?

     The first answer to this question is the dispelling of the misconception that heaven and hell are “places” as we think of Duluth as a place. ... Read More »


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