Welcome to St. Benedict's Parish. If you're new to the area, been away for a while, or remained a faithful member, the people of St. Benedict's invite you to walk with us.

Parish Council & Finance Council

Parish Council & Finance Council

Parish Council

The council is an advisory council to the pastor whose purpose is to assess the activities of the Parish with regard to the Mission Statement and to implement or direct programs which will fulfill these goals. Please contact them with any questions. Meetings are generally held the second Thursday of the month and open meetings.

Current Parish Council Members are:

Father Joel Hastings: frhastings@stbensduluth.org
Deacon John Weiske: jweiske@stbensduluth.org
Jen Hartman: jennyhartman.12@gmail.com; 218-721-2353
Sue Meyer: Sumeyer58@gmail.com; 218-722-9163
Marlyn Sternal: (no e-mail); 218-724-1550
*Greg Stoewer: gstoewer@q.com; 218-879-4982
John Taffe: johntaffe1964@gmail.com; 218-491-4213
Lori Williams: lwilliams63@charter.net; 218-724-4771

*Council Chair
**Council Secretary

Finance Council

The Finance Council serves as a resource of knowledge and expertise on financial matters, placing these skills at the service of the pastor and the parish. Current members are:

Al Makynen - Trustee: almakynen@gmail.com
John Foucault: jfoucault@stbensduluth.org
Dick Loraas: rjlsleddog@charter.net
Tom Schapman: taschapman@charter.net
Dave Steininger: 
Judy Goar: ricgoa@msn.com
Frank Frederickson: ffrederickson@mnpower.com
Bookkeeper: Carol Cyr: bookkeeper@stbensduluth.org