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New Sunday Schedule

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Saturday Vigil 5:00 pm
Sunday 8:00 am, 10:30 am
Weekdays 8:00 am & Thursday evenings at 5:30 pm
Saturdays 8:00 am

Wednesdays 6:45-7:30 pm
Fridays 8:30-9:00 am
Saturdays 4:00-4:45 pm

Mass Times

                                                                                                                                                July 17, 2016


Dear Parishioners,

Today, I want to announce to you a set of changes that will be made in our parish Sunday schedule, along with some related adjustments in daily Masses. These include adjustments to Mass times and the manner in which Masses will be offered.

Let me first give an overview in order to more effectively explain these changes. In recent years, the liturgical life of St. Benedict’s Parish has become an increasingly notable part of its identity. Such characteristics as the ad orientem manner of offering the Mass (where the priest faces the same direction as the congregation), along with the regular offering of Masses in Latin, especially through the regularly scheduled Traditional Latin Masses at 1:00pm on the first and third Sundays of each month, using the ritual of the Mass given in the Roman Missal of 1962, have distinguished the parish in our area from what is commonplace.

Earlier this year, Bishop Paul Sirba and I began to discern together what the best course might be to minister to those in our area whose faith is nourished by participation in the Latin Mass. In addition to recent liturgical life at St. Benedict’s, our prayerful discernment included a guideline from the strategic plan completed in 2012: that priests should offer no more than three Masses each weekend (usually one on Saturday evening and two on Sunday). Likewise, we were attentive to the fact that multiple parishes in Duluth have Sunday Masses scheduled at 8:00am and/or 10:30am, with minimal variation. Another important part of this discernment process was my own personal discernment on whether or not to agree to offer the 1962 Latin Mass. To that end I participated in a workshop earlier this year in Chicago to receive direct exposure to the 1962 Latin Mass — both to witness it and to learn how to offer Mass in this 1962 form. Though I was hesitant earlier this year to get involved, I came away from the workshop with great interest and enthusiasm for the possibility of offering this Mass as a ministry in our area.  Finally, since the current Mass offered in all parishes in our diocese (that is, the “ordinary form” Mass according to Roman Missal of the year 2000) can be offered in many languages, including the standard Latin, Bishop Sirba proposed that any implementation of 1962 Latin Mass be carried out within an alternating schedule that was inclusive of regularly offering Mass from the year 2000 Roman Missal in Latin.

Here at the parish, our own Pastoral and Finance Councils, the parish deacons and lay staff, and the parish Corporate Board were asked to join in this discernment, offering their own feedback and reactions to these ideas. Having received their positive feedback, today I wish to announce, in union with the requests and support of Bishop Sirba, a plan to implement a new Sunday Mass schedule that includes regularly offering some Masses in Latin. This plan will be carried out in two phases over the remaining months of 2016, moving our parish in the direction of offering one Mass in English and one Mass in Latin each Sunday. It will include an additional adjustment to two weekday Masses, transitioning them into using Latin, integrating this ministry more fully into the whole life of the parish.

Phase One will begin in September and is primarily focused on adjusting our current Sunday Mass schedule. Beginning September 3-4, while the Saturday evening Mass will remain unchanged, at 5:00pm each week, the Sunday Masses will be offered at 9:00am and 12:00pm. In Phase One, both Sunday Masses will remain in English, though we may begin integrating some Latin sung responses at the noon Mass as early as September. Our decision to change the time schedule in September is mindful of the new school year and other Sunday morning activities that happen. In Phase One, we will also begin offering both Sunday Masses in the ad orientem direction. A secondary element of Phase One is to adjust two weekday Masses to help us begin integrating the Latin Mass into the parish ahead of the full implementation in Phase Two. Accordingly, beginning in September, I will begin offering Mass Wednesday mornings at 8:00am according to the 1962 ritual. In addition, at that same time I will begin offering each Thursday 5:30pm Mass in Latin according to the year 2000 ritual form. All other weekday Masses will remain as presently offered. The goal of these weekday adjustments in this first phase is to ease our transition into a more regular praying of Masses in Latin through practice and regular exposure, aiding both the liturgical ministers and the entire parish as we continue preparing for a fuller presence of Latin in one Sunday Mass each week that will begin in Phase Two.

Phase Two will begin on Sunday, November 27, 2016, when the 12:00pm Mass will be offered in Latin. On this particular Sunday (the First Sunday of Advent), the 12:00pm Sunday Mass will be offered in Latin according the year 2000 ritual form. Subsequently, every first, third, and fifth Sunday of each month the 12:00pm Mass will be offered according the 1962 ritual form with the inclusion of music and incense. On the second and fourth Sunday of each month, this 12:00pm Mass will be offered in the year 2000 ritual form in Latin. The 5:00pm Saturday Mass and the 9:00am Sunday Mass will remain in English.

Aware of the magnitude of these announcements, I want to assure you that these changes will not be made without providing multiple opportunities for each member of the parish to hear and learn more. Through adult catechesis sessions on Tuesday evenings, as well as on Sunday mornings and other opportune times, the parish staff and I will make concerted efforts to offer catechesis on the liturgy, answering questions while teaching about how to pray and participate in Latin Masses effectively. These sessions will also include practice in singing responses in Latin, along with learning the reasons Latin remains part of our faith tradition. I and leaders in the parish will make many efforts to provide resources — video, audio and written — for the faithful to continue to practice sung responses, learn the meaning of key prayers, and understand the importance of upholding the patrimony of our faith found in her liturgy.

Please know that you are welcome to approach me with questions and concerns — especially so that I can see that your real questions are being addressed as part of our catechesis and formation opportunities and events to come.

May Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, and our patrons, St. Benedict of Nursia and St. Anthony of Padua, in union with such great saints as St. Pio of Pietrelcina and St. John Vianney, aid us in continuing forward in our pilgrimage of faith.

                                                In Christ through Mary,

                                                Fr. Joel Hastings

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Called to be One - an initiative of the Duluth Area Catholic Schools

Called To Be One is a partnership with the Duluth Area Catholic Schools (DACS) in support of Catholic school education in Duluth. Bishop Paul Sirba announced the initiative in a letter to all Duluth Area Catholic School families this past spring.

Visit to participate in this effort by completing the online survey.  Your thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated! You can also register, on the same website, to attend the planning retreats on September 24th and November 12th being held at St. James Catholic School in Duluth.

Surveys can be obtained in paper form by contacting your parish office. Contact us by email at Like us on Facebook at: or follow us on Twitter @C2B1Duluth.

Please pray for the future of Catholic school education in the Diocese of Duluth

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Aubry Haben: Support the Seminarian Appeal this month

We are blessed to have 13 seminarians in formation this fall. Please pray for them as they open their hearts to a life of sacred service in the Diocese of Duluth.

The Seminarian Appeal, which should have arrived by now to every home, is one way in which we financially and prayerfully support our seminarians. The appeal helps to meet the costs of educating and forming our future priests, and is designed to coincide with the feast day of St. John Vianney (Aug. 4), patron saint of all priests.

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Duluth parish to offer Latin Mass beginning in Advent

People nourished by the Latin Mass got some welcome news in July when Father Joel Hastings, pastor of St. Benedict Church in Duluth and director of liturgy for the Diocese of Duluth, announced that beginning in Advent the parish’s noon Mass on Sunday would be offered in Latin.

At least twice a month, it will be offered in the “extraordinary form” (the missal from 1962), and on the other Sundays it will be from the “ordinary form” liturgy celebrated in most parishes, but in Latin with Gregorian chant.

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